"I had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Julie when she came to speak at a national conference for doctors and clinicians in emergency medicine.  Her presentation was enlightening and well received by the audience. Julie then followed her talk with a group ‘healing’ which was very popular.

The simple act of quiet meditation and taking time to be in the moment proved very rewarding for me personally, and the impact it had on others within the group was equally noticeable.  I would highly recommend Julie and her approach to the healing experience and understanding of oneself." Jen, North Wales, 2019, A&E Consultant


"Beautiful presence and magical healing experience. Felt completely transformed long after the session and areas of opening were readily available to me.Andrea Georgiou, London, 2019

"I have seen Julie twice at her home clinic now; initially for a chronic shoulder injury, and then for a general anxiety and inability to move forward.

Whilst I am still going to have to have surgery for the shoulder issue, Julie helped me a great deal by allowing me to make a difficult choice as to how this was going to affect my work/ life choices.

I have had many different therapies over the years, both physical, and for anxiety and depression. From our first conversation Julie put me at my ease, and she was warm and kind throughout. During the treatments I felt very clear movements of energy and lightening in various areas of my body. Afterwards, I felt much clearer as to where I wanted to be and how I could use my physical inability to work to improve my life balance.

I have also very much enjoyed taking part in Julie’s Distant Heart Healing practices, which seem to have fallen at exactly the times I have needed a boost!

I would not hesitate to recommend Julie, and if you have not experienced this type of energy work before, I can only say how beneficial I found it; and I plan to visit her again to help me keep on top of a rapidly changing life!"  Erica, Hay-on-Wye, 2019

"Very often we feel that life doesn’t give us a chance to stop and take a breath or it throws into our faces so much that we feel there is no way we can cope.

Being shy by nature and having low self-esteem, I found difficulty to cope with many life situations that lead to eating disorder and autoimmune conditions. It followed by my husband passing away and my job. I found myself in the situation when we feel it’s too much to handle.

When I met Julie and booked the first session with her I was not looking for a miracle. I was coming with an open mind instead. Familiar about energy medicine, I knew I have nothing to lose but to give it a go after trying various traditional approaches that our medicine offers.

I felt deep gratitude after the first session straight away. Julie happened to see, feel so much inside of me that only I knew and she was not aware about. Although I didn’t feel relief on the emotional level straight away (Julia did mention that it might take few weeks) but, after few weeks the darkness brightened. I felt easier to carry on living.

Session(s) that followed after the first one gave me the same feeling of gratitude and appreciation. If followed by me reducing the medication and by my eating disorder improving. I’ve started experiencing the warmth replacing sharp emotional pain in my heart.

I know there is a long way to recovery and I still have to rely on traditional medicine to certain extent but I know that without seeing Julia the healing process might not be possible or long and painful.

Thank you Julie for the miracle.Lucy, Powys, April 2019

"Having not properly dealt with a trauma from many years ago, my body and my mind has been constantly battling a negative energy resulting in severe depression and anxiety.  I have tried many different things including, medication, meditation, mindfulness and other alternative therapies.  My mum was the one who actually saw a little article that Julie had written about heart healing and suggested that I get in contact with Julie. 

I didn’t realise to what extent past events were affecting me until I had my first treatment with Julie.  From the first session I felt a weights had been lifted, I was fully able to breathe again and face things head on without breaking down and becoming irrational.  Julie, you truly have changed my heart and my mind.  I have finally been able to accept and move on from things that have been affecting my life on a daily occurrence.  Thank you so much Julie, you truly have changed my life."  Sara, Wales