Julie Goodridge Healing Testimonials

After just one distance session Julie picked up that I had a problem with mouth ulcers. This was an extreme case of mouth ulcers that had lasted six months and that I had sought medical help for. I had not mentioned them to Julie once. Julie “worked” on my mouth ulcers and I have not had one since – which has been a brilliant and welcome change. The day after the session I was able to resolve a difficult work situation that I had been grappling with for over a year. The issue was resolved in one natural and easy conversation in which I was able to communicate my needs effortlessly and honestly. I attribute this entirely to Julie’s session as she spoke to me about the work that she had done on honesty and transparency. I also felt an emotional happiness immediately after the session. It felt like the benefits of the session and this feeling of contentedness lasted for at least a week after and that I could draw on it during the aftermath period.

Whilst I do not understand how Julie heals I know that it is real and has the ability to bring about change. I would urge those who are seeking support, peace or transformation to  put aside your doubts and questions for one session and take the opportunity for Julie to demonstrate her abilities to you." Kate, London