Julie Goodridge Healing Testimonials

"Having not properly dealt with a trauma from many years ago, my body and my mind has been constantly battling a negative energy resulting in severe depression and anxiety.  I have tried many different things including, medication, meditation, mindfulness and other alternative therapies.  My mum was the one who actually saw a little article that Julie had written about heart healing and suggested that I get in contact with Julie. 

I didn’t realise to what extent past events were affecting me until I had my first treatment with Julie.  From the first session I felt a weights had been lifted, I was fully able to breathe again and face things head on without breaking down and becoming irrational.  Julie, you truly have changed my heart and my mind.  I have finally been able to accept and move on from things that have been affecting my life on a daily occurrence.  Thank you so much Julie, you truly have changed my life."  Sara, Wales