Kate, London

"I happened to come across Julie by chance. I knew at that time there were areas of my life that I needed support with and I felt a sense that I was reaching out for help. Having spoken once to Julie on the phone I arranged a distance healing session. I could not, and cannot now, tell you how Julie helps create change through healing over a long distance and with a person that she has never met. I can tell you, however, that her insights are accurate and revealing.  

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Lynn Henry, Yorkshire

It is always nice to receive a hug , and better still when that hug is filled with love. Then you feel that no words are needed to explain what you want and you receive what you need.

No words need to be spoken, only love is needed, and you feel solid, mended whole and strong. That is how I felt during and after my distant healing session with Julie Goodridge.

Lynn Henry - Yorkshire

Alex, Hereford

"Julie has a beautiful nurturing yet powerful healing energy.  She has worked deeply on herself and is therefore able to facilitate deep healing in others. She has great integrity and is a lovely person who I am very glad to have in my life''. Alex, 52, Hereford.

Celia, Southampton

"I wanted to tell you that I continue to feel better and better. My mother stayed last night and I felt very different which meant we had a lovely evening. Thank you for helping me to reconnect with my heart and the important messages I seem to be accessing.''. Celia, 57, Southampton

J, Hay-on-Wye

"When I first asked Julie for healing I was so ill that I would have been happy with any improvement. What happened was miraculous.  The next day I felt so much stronger on every level and this has been expanding daily.  I'm creative again, on top of things and practical solutions are opening up for me.  I feel reborn! I cannot thank you enough.''. J, Hay-on-Wye.