"I've had coldsores for as long as I can remember. On a good year I'd maybe get two or three but when I saw Julie in February 2015 I had been having them every fortnight for almost three months. As one healed another appeared and nothing I tried was helping.

It took just one session with Julie for them to heal up completely and disappear! Sixteen months later and I've not had a single coldsore, despite going through an extremely stressful year and a long, chilly winter.

It's like magic!''. Mandy, 51, Glasgow.

"Just wanted to say thank you again for a life changing healing! Your intuitive words were bang on the mark. I've felt completely re-energised and motivated since. I think I was in danger of slipping into mother mode of doing everything for everyone else and putting what I need to do for me on hold. My projects are well underway now​." ​Becky, Hay-On-Wye

"After one distance Heart Healing session with Julie I already feel some benefits.  I feel much happier and positive, have been able to achieve more and feel less tense (I no longer find I have my teeth clenched without any reason).  Julie has been very supportive and passed on some really useful feedback after the session."  Gill, Cambridge

"I have a highly pressurised job, financial difficulties and have just come out of a long term relationship and prior to my healing with Julie was in a pretty sticky spot emotionally. Having had one healing session I am far better able to cope with all the issues and feel a lot lighter. None of it is weighing me down anymore and although the problems have not gone away, my negative approach to them has. I feel positive that I will be able to find a way forward through the tough times and have a sense that things will be OK. It also feels as if I've also stopped carrying the baggage I have collected over the years that didn't belong to me and this has made me feel a whole lot lighter. My friends have noticed a massive difference in the way I am."
Rachel, 39, London

"I happened to come across Julie by chance. I knew at that time there were areas of my life that I needed support with and I felt a sense that I was reaching out for help. Having spoken once to Julie on the phone I arranged a distance healing session. I could not, and cannot now, tell you how Julie helps create change through healing over a long distance and with a person that she has never met. I can tell you, however, that her insights are accurate and revealing.  

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