Christina, Bwlch

"Heart Healing, a wonderful session where I totally let go and handed over trust to Julie and the Heart Field, to guide my session to the place I needed to go. Many different experiences during the session, of movement within my soul and then as the session came to an end I felt a deep, powerful, gathering in my heart and chest, and suddenly the tears flowed. Julie left me to allow me space to let go of pain I had carried for my husband's concerns of struggling to find work, release of my grief still held after 8 years for my dear Mum, mum-in-law and many other people. Since the session I have moved on in many ways in all aspects of my life. I am also lighter and more confident. Thank you."  Christina, Bwlch

Zoe, Builth Wells

"I still have my cough but not as bad as it used to be and I feel really good in my self thanks to you, cant put my finger on it but since having my treatment with you I feel an inner strength I have not felt for a long time...Thank you" Zoe, Builth Wells

Sally, Hereford

"My experience with Julie has been completely unique in my life. I entered my first session highly disturbed and upset by an incident. What followed was quite incredible. I encountered calmness, focus, balance, the horror had been removed. During my second session, deep memories and dream like metaphors revealed themselves, that had remained hidden since childhood. Both sessions have been very powerful and are helping me navigate through difficult times. Julie is highly perceptive, trustworthy and has a magical gift to heal." ‚ÄčSally, Hereford 

K.D., Powys

"From the few sessions I've had with Julie so far, I'm more relaxed and everything is much clearer.  My headaches have gone, I feel more confident in putting my opinions and ideas across.  I have more control and I look at things in a different light.  This is all thanks to Julie: a unique talent. " K.D., Powys

Becky, Hay-on-Wye

"I am bowled over by the effects of the sessions with Julie. After having a traumatic labour and broken sleep for 2 years my energy levels and emotions were all over the place.  After the second session I experienced a complete shift in my energy levels and my mood. I feel like myself again! I keep expecting to feel exhausted at the end of the day like I was, but my energy just keeps on coming- even after a broken nights sleep. I am so happy and so pleased- I now have the energy to have fun and run around like an idiot with my daughter!"  Becky, 31, Hay-On-Wye