"Dear Julie
Just thought I would let you know how much better I feel since your treatment, my skeletal issues are much improved, not as stiff, you are the only person that has picked up on these issues intuitively! I have made some definite personal decisions that I have been pondering on for some time since I saw you, and also had a couple of very kind gestures from two people who are acquaintances rather than friends! Thank you for giving your time so generously and your understanding. With every best wish and my sincere gratitude." Jane, 60

"By letting you know how your coaching has helped me, I hope, by writing this it will help others too. For me the sessions helped me to see things more clearly. Because you made me speak out from what I was really feeling inside instead of speaking out of my head,  it changed me. Sometimes you are so stuck in your head (thoughts you think are real and true) but the answers are a little deeper and you helped me get there. It helped me a lot, and my life has made a 180 degree turn.  It has not been easy of course and sometimes it was very tough  to stay and act out off my true feelings but I had to do it just to be honest to myself.  Looking back I made all the right decisions. Thank you so much Julie for helping me see things more clearly and helping me see me! I don’t know how to put it any different than this. " Mireille, 42, Holland


"I was having issues with life patterns repeating and wanted to break out of my old habits and live a more fulfilling life. Tackling the way I had been accustomed to 'living' in my coaching sessions was much more effective than going to counsellors for me.  I had tried that approach and failed with it in the past. I have been able to see clearly why and how I react in certain circumstances that were stopping me from having the life I wanted. Realising what I needed to change has had a major effect on my life and I am seeing the difference everyday."  Claire, 38, London