"Wow! So powerful!"  GS, Ambleside, Distance 


"I have felt a real difference since having healing from Julie. The issues I presented feel calmed and soothed and, as a result, I feel much more peaceful and content within myself, more whole and more lighter in being. I would definitely recommend." SB, London, Distance  


"Thank you so much for the session this morning. I found it really powerful and I think it's given me more clarity, awareness and calmness. I saw both lots of internal and external images of things, as well as the colours and whole range of feelings, it felt like a real journey."  David, Hereford One to One 


"I had no expectations for my first distant healing session with Julie. However I found it so very powerful! Within the first five minutes I began to feel a strong heat throughout the whole body, which lasted the full session, accompanied by the deepest state of relaxation I have ever experienced! The following day I was quite 'taken aback' by the ease of my authentic honesty, in a difficult situation with my partner - I have struggled with self empowerment for many years - but this time it all felt so easy......there was no difficulty in expressing my truth. I have continued to feel self confident, open hearted and positive....so much so, I am treating myself to a follow up session in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much Julie, I can hardly believe the change in me!''. Gabriella

"I was lucky enough to have several sessions with Julie, and was hoping for some changes in my life. I had read good things about her, but what really surprised me was the speed and depth of her influence.

After years of ongoing health issues - both physical and psychological - which were extensive and very deep, she quickly got to the bottom of my problems; and worked with me to release unhelpful energy blockages.

This resulted in a feeling of lightness, and my levels of anxiety and depression became noticeably less.

I would recommend Julie to anybody who feels blocked, anxious or emotionally stuck.

She is kind and compassionate; at the same time being very focused on using her skills and abilities in helping people move forward in life.

The remarkable thing was that this was all done through distance healing. Thank you Julie." Sharon, London